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Problem No. 93

While searching through the online newspapers in FindMyPast  recently I stumbled across this article printed in 1913. The article mentioned Mr George Watson, Kelty – I wondered if it was the George Watson who was my great grandfather William Watson’s brother? WATSON George draughts champs 1913A bit more searching revealed this article – Problem No 93 by George Watson, Kelty. Presumably the same George as in the article above, but was he ‘our’ George? Never having heard of any draught-playing Watsons in all our ‘family legends’ and knowing how common a name George Watson was I had my doubts.

WATSON George draughts problem 93After some more searching all my doubts had gone. The following article proved that he was, indeed, ‘our’ George, the last paragraph confirming it with the mention of his three sons, John, George and William, who ‘are resident at the other end of the world’.WATSON George obituary 1934Here’s a transcription of George’s death that I purchased way back in 1999 when I was just a couple of years into researching the Watson family.

WATSON George death 1934George’s first wife, Ann, died in 1897 while the family was living in Cowdenbeath.  This post mentions her death  and his second, Elizabeth, died in 1924.

WATSON Ann nee HODGE Death 1897WATSON Elizabeth nee ROBERTSON death 1924And finally, because I’m sure you are desperate to know, the solution to Problem No. 93!

WATSON George draughts solution





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Happy New Year

Hope you had a lovely relaxing Christmas and are looking forward to a peaceful and happy New Year.

Thought you might like to see this card that Edie sent to her nephew George WILSON. Wish I knew what the reference to elephants was about.

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Just popping in to let you know that posts may be somewhat erratic in the next few weeks. I have two craft fairs fast approaching so am busy creating goods for sale.

The easiest way for you to know when I publish my next post is to receive notifications of new posts by email. To do this just click on the “Sign me up!” button under Email Subscription on the right hand side of this page. It’s that simple!

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Who, when, where?

Does anybody recognise this lady? She appears to be a nurse of some sort, but what era would she have come from?  Maybe circa 1910 – the uniform looks similar to the ones in this photo of Matron and nursing staff, Cook Hospital, Gisborne, circa 1910 http://ndhadeliver.natlib.govt.nz/view/action/ieViewer.do?from_proxy=true&dps_pid=IE1069729&dps_custom_att_1=tapuhi&dps_dvs=1315474328183~97&dps_pid=IE1069729&change_lng=en

The photo was in a pile of mainly WILSON photos I scanned recently. I wonder if any of the WILSON, FARMER or HEATH girls were nurses?

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Be sure not to destroy this

handsome photo,

but put it in a

gold frame.

I am some bird!


This was written on the back of this photo. Obviously someone with a sense of humour – but who? They must have needed a bit of light relief after cutting all that firewood – what a great stack of wood. I do believe it was before the arrival of chainsaws, so all that wood was probably cut with a saw.  Any guesses as to who this “bird” is? Maybe somebody on the Wilson / Farmer / Heath side of the family – definitely the Heaths seemed to have a great sense of humour, judging by Edie and Ida’s letters. [Click on the photo to enlarge – you can see the “hair”  in greater detail.]

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Back again

I’m finally back on board again. Thanks for all the get well wishes. I am feeling a lot better. Hopefully I can now get back to blogging about the ancestors. My plan is to publish a blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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My interest in genealogy began in 1998 when some members of the Watson family decided it would be fun to have a family gathering. After offering to help organise the occasion I spent many months researching my Watson / Balfour family.  We held a very successful Watson / Balfour family gathering at Port Waikato in March 1999.

From knowing virtually nothing about my ancestors I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the last 13 years and have decided it is time to make it accessible to anyone who is interested.  Hence this blog.

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