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Continuing on a bovine theme, I love these old receipts belonging to John WILSON. I presume the stamps are some sort of stamp duty that was payable. Is anybody able to explain stamp duty to me in plain English?

The first receipt, from 1918, is for part payment of a cow and rent of creamery ground (purchased from GP Ewing – his signature on the stamps) and the second one is for Brownie the cow. How cool to have her name on the receipt!

I wonder what Brownie looked like? Brown , I presume.

Here’s the Certificate of Registration of a Dairy for Emily WILSON’s dairy [for those too young to know the difference – that doesn’t mean dairy as in a shop that sells lollies/ice cream/milk etc, rather somewhere you milk cows/separate cream for collection] I’m sure somebody has a better description of a dairy/creamery – please share it with us. Was dairy just another name for cowshed? Or was it somewhere that was specifically for separating milk/cream and the milking was done in a separate place?

The cream was very likely collected by trucks similar to these – note the cream cans on the back of one truck.

Emily would receive monthly cream statements, along with a cheque, from The New Zealand Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, here’s the one for month ending 31 December 1937.


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