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Here’s an interesting photo.

I first saw this picture of the Watson Brothers Carriers Ltd No 2 truck as part of a collage of photos on page 47 in a book called Memories Tuakau + (edited by Stuart Graham and available for purchase from the Tuakau & Districts Museum Society). The photo was originally published in an information booklet published by Northern Distributors Ltd – I searched the museum for the book but was unable to find it there. Imagine my surprise when looking through a box of memorabilia/books/notes my dad gave me to take care of, I came across not one but two of the Northern Distributors Ltd information booklets! This is a very interesting little book – well worth reading if you ever wondered what went on in the chicken processing factory in Madill Street. A great piece of Tuakau’s history I think.  I will make sure one of the copies ends up in the Tuakau Museum archives. I scanned a few pages that may or may not interest you. If you are at all squeamish I suggest you bypass the rest of this post – graphic descriptions and photos of dead birds included in the following pages!


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