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More about William WILSON

William sent this card to his mother, Mary. There’s no date on the card but he was living in Reefton at the time of writing.


Hole Hill

I am sending you a post card with my photo on it and two of my mates. It is not much of a one but I will get it taken again soon and then I will send you a decent one. I would like to know very much why you do not write to me, for it is months since I had a letter from you. Please write and let me know how you are getting on.

Your loving son, W Wilson

How times have changed since this photo was taken – notice how all three men have a cigarette in their hand – quite the ‘men about town’. Somehow I don’t think you’d have a studio photo taken nowadays with cigarettes. The photographer was William SHERLOCK who had a studio in Broadway, Reefton. According to The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts] “…This business was established in the year 1889, and acquired by Mr. Sherlock in 1890. The studio stands on leasehold ground, and the premises include a shop, work shop, and a commodious studio, with top and side lights…”

I wonder if this next photo may have been the ‘decent one’ William was going to send to Mary.

In June 1916 William sent this postcard to his sister Emily. The address on the postcard was Luke St, Otahuhu – the home of his mother Mary.


Dear Emily,
I am writing you a few lines to let you know that I have arrived home at last. I won’t be here very long I will either have to get some work or hop away to the front. It will be the latter if I can pass the doctor. All well at home.

Your Brother



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William WILSON goes to Reefton

William WILSON, son of Mary FARMER (who later married John WILSON) was living in Reefton in 1909. Presumably he went there to find work. Here’s a postcard he sent to his sister Emily (nee FARMER) WILSON. [Click on any of the images to enlarge them.]

Gosh I wonder what happened to poor Rustys Paws. Guess we’ll never know.

This photo shows William with a group of friends or workmates standing in front of a very large tree. What sort of tree has roots like those? William is in the middle of the back row. I don’t know what job William worked at – was it mining (coal or gold)? Or forestry?

There is no date on the back of the photo. Maybe the photo was taken near Reefton. The two young men on either side of William have knives in their belts and the one standing to the left of William appears to be holding some kind of musical instrument – a flute or piccolo maybe? I can’t identify what the one on his right is holding – at first I thought it might be a harmonica but I think it is too big for that. Don’t you wonder what on earth were they up to?

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